It consistently amazes me how everything- literally everything- is made up of *other stuff* – but when it happens with anything creative, it’s considered to be “stealing” or otherwise unoriginal. That’s BS, but it’s a stigma that’s very alive, in the form of intellectual property and copyright laws. What’s interesting to me is that these laws are intended to protect innovation and the creation of something new, but in reality they actively restrict creation. Let me show you what I mean-

One of the best mashups I’ve ever heard was done by “Girl Talk” – there’s a wonderful breakdown of the entire album available here:

If this is your kind of thing, you can get the whole album for Free over at their website-

But look at that URL! It’s “Illegal Art” – because despite creating something entirely new here, since it uses samples of other songs, it could be considered stealing.


And here’s my plug for Open Source and Creative Commons.

If you find Girl Talk to be a bit busy, here’s some two-song mashups on youtube.


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